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If you are happy being overweight then don’t read this post. You have every right to be happy as you are!
If you’re aiming to get healthy, however, the first and most important step is to get your head in the game.
We are blessed to have Tarryn Stock, a determined young woman who reached her goals with the help of Naturally For You, and who recently earned her degree in psychology, share her story about how your mind matters, and how the food we eat can fix our feelings of depression, of low self-image, tiredness, anxiety and a lot more. You just need to want to:

My Weight Journey – with Tarryn Stock

I was always quite a big girl. My whole family struggled with their weight, so in turn we went through restrictive diet after diet and fad after fad, finding none of them successful. It wasn’t until my fat loss journey properly began in 2014 that I realized how important it is to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle – not only with regards to eating. It wasn’t until I decided to pick up gym and running that my life changed for the better! I lost 20kgs by going to the gym and eating what my body needed.

I recently finished my degree in psychology and have started my BSc honours in psychology. What I’ve learnt is that the mind is influenced by everything around us, and our self esteem and sense of self are largely determined by our lifestyles. In other words, I wasn’t happy. I hated the way I looked and engaged in harmful eating routines, such as depriving myself of what I really wanted to lose weight, and then binging on it days later – gaining the weight all over again. As a result I suffered through depression. I mistreated my body, and in turn I hurt my mind in the sense that my self esteem, self image and sense of self were insecure. Through my studies I’ve learnt just how much our brains are fueled by good foods, activity and exercise, and without these the brain is left uncharged to the extent that the individual will start to experience negative or low moods more often. It’s incredibly important to constantly keep your brain energized and happy.

Running and going to the gym taught me how to take better care of myself. I started seeing progress and started to love myself! Not only was my mindset changed but my relationship with food changed too. I no longer felt the need to deprive myself of foods in fear of gaining weight, but rather learnt to embrace eating balanced meals in moderation, as I learnt that our bodies need certain foods to function at optimum efficiency. I now solemnly stick to a lifestyle filled with activity and balanced eating. I’ve learnt to love my body and embrace that it’s not perfect. How we view ourselves is largely based on the level of effort we put into being kind to our bodies. Being kind to my body came in the form of giving it what it needed with regards to food and keeping active every day.

I do experience days where I feel unmotivated and lazy, but I’ve told myself that it’s okay to feel those things some days and give myself a break when I feel that way. However, keeping my “end-goal” in mind always helps to push me through my rut, to keep going. Psychology has also taught me how important having a good support network can be. Those around you can provide support and motivation on the days you need it most. My positive outlook on my weight now keeps me motivated to carry on. Through learning to love and be kind to myself I’ve gained incredible strength both mentally and physically, and it’s completely transformed my life!

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