Our Eating Programs

• Maternity Plan
A balanced whole food eating plan that ensures correct portions are eaten to maintain a steady and appropriate weight gain throughout your pregnancy and steady sugar levels. – R2870

• Naturally Immune
A specifically formulated plan for immune deficient states and those with chronic diseases. This plan increases plant based anti-oxidants and disease fighting nutrients. – R2870

• Naturally Rapid Fat Loss Plan
A successful and popular eating plan that allows safe and rapid weight loss. Most importantly encouragement, guidance and counseling are offered along the way to ensure you reach your goal weight.
If you have less than 21kg to lose (6 months) – R2870
If you have more than 22kg to lose (9 months) – R3670

• Online Program
Suitable for long distance clients who wish to follow one of our eating plans stated above. You shall receive all 3 phases of your program and weekly communication with your online coach. For a contract of 6 months – R3470 payable upfront